Approval of Courses and Accreditation

In line with section 12(b) of the ISPON Act, members of ISPON may submit their courses to the Institute for approval and accreditation. This accreditation will give necessary recognition to such courses and the course owner may use ISPON logo and the text “Accredited by Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria” on their course certificate.

Kindly note that you cannot submit courses belonging to the Institute for accreditation.

Requirements for Approval of Courses and Accreditation

  1. ISPON membership (Consulting) or licensed professional
  2. Application for course approval and accreditation
  3. Course synopsis, objectives, training outcomes, duration, eligibility requirements, mode of training and other necessary details
  4. Course outline
  5. Full course manual in pdf format and PowerPoint presentation
  6. List of trainers/instructors for the course
  7. Evidence of course ownership (payment receipt if the course manual was purchased, MoU or other proof
  8. Duly signed indemnity agreement.
  9. Payment of N10,000 as application fee
  10. Payment for approval and accreditation of course (payment is determined after preliminary review of application and may range between N15,000-N50,000) Note that payment for accreditation is charged per course.

Procedure for Approval of Courses and Accreditation

  1. Submit application form and attach necessary information including course details and application fee
  2. Application is reviewed by ISPON and accreditation fee is advised
  3. Pay the accreditation fee
  4. ISPON schedules visit to certify your facility
  5. Where course is approved and facility is certified, having met other necessary conditions, the course will be approved and accredited.
  6. The accreditation is valid for one year and should be renewed if the owner wishes to continue to offer the course.
  7. Application for renewal is free and accreditation fee is 50% of the initial fee (first payment) for previously accredited course.

Benefits of Submitting Your Courses for Approval and Accreditation

  1. Proof of credibility and quality
  2. Recognition by ISPON and the industry
  3. Listing of courses and course provider on ISPON website
  4. Opportunity to use ISPON logo on training certificates and the text “Accredited by Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria”
  5. Better business for you
  6. Boost your reputation