The Institute is established with functions and powers to establish and maintain list of persons registered as Safety Professionals in Nigeria and publish from time to time those so registered... Consequently, a person who is not registered but holds himself or herself out as a registered safety professional is been guilty of an offence...

Section 3(d) and 14(1) of ISPON Act 2014

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Corporate membership is open to various organizations including safety consulting firms and other contractors. Organizations can either apply for corporate membership to be admitted as a Consulting or Affiliate member.

Consulting membership is granted to organizations that provide safety related consultancy services while Affiliate is granted to general contractors other than safety consultants.

Registration/Renewal Requirements for Corporate Members

  1. CAC certificate
  2. Memorandum and Articles of Association
  3. Company profile
  4. List of key personnel, qualifications and positions
  5. List of equipment/company assets
  6. Training plan
  7. Facility audit report
  8. 55% of company shares must be owned by safety professionals (for Consulting)
  9. ISPON professional, at least MISPN in the team (for Affiliate)
  10. Relevant technical partnership/agreement (for example, with OEM)
  11. HSSE relevant policies
  12. Retainership agreement with a medical facility near the organization’s facility
  13. Location specific hazard register (where applicable)
  14. HSE manual
  15. HSE statistics for the last three years (cumulative annually)
  16. Valid insurance policy (NSITF)

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