Objectives of the Institute

  1. Organize and provide professional training in the area of safety management.
  2. In collaboration with relevant government agencies, set standards of practice and determine the knowledge and skills to be acquired by persons seeking to register and practice as safety professionals and to improve on such standards from time to time.
  3. Do all such things as may be necessary to promote the advancement of safety profession in both the public and private sector of the economy.

Functions and Powers of ISPON

  1. Conduct examinations and award certificates and diplomas in the areas of safety management.
  2. Advise employers on matters relating to qualifications for the practice of safety in Nigeria
  3. Conduct research into all aspects of safety management.
  4. Organize lectures, seminars, workshops and provide training for persons aspiring to qualify and practice as safety professionals
  5. Establish and maintain list of persons registered as safety professionals in Nigeria and publish from time to time those so registered
  6. Perform such other functions as may be necessary for the advancement of the Institute and the safety management profession in Nigeria.