The Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria was inaugurated in August 1980 as Nigeria Society of Safety Professionals (NSSP) during the annual conference of the National Industrial Safety Council of the Nigeria (NISCN) as a professional technical arm of the NISCN, NISCN-is a tripartite body comprising the Governments of the federation (represented by Director of factories, Federal Ministry of labour & productivity), Employers (represented by the Nigerian Employers Consultative Association) and labour Congress), set by the Federal Government to prevent Industrial accidents and hazards and promote occupational health and welfare in industrial establishments.


Our mission statement is to achieve excellent safety performance of organizations and create safety awareness through information dissemination, courses, seminars, audits and publications, thus promoting, encouraging and improving occupational method and procedures in the industries, public sector and institutions.


Our Vision is to re-engineer occupational safety and health not only in Nigerian workplaces but also in all spheres of life by carrying out educational activities and playing advisory roles to government, organizations and the public as the need arises.

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