• 1980-1983JSE Ogwai

    The very first President but he was inactive throughout.
  • 1983-1989Pa. Dominic Aigbogun

  • 1989-1997Sir Gabriel Adoghe

  • 1997-2003HRH Innocent Okunamiri

  • 2003-2009Chief Chris Adigo

  • 2009-2011Alhaji L. A. Alebiosu

  • 2011-2013Mr. Shaw Fregene

  • 2013-2016 (Caretaker Committee)Dr. Nnamdi Ilodiuba

    Dr. Ilodiuba was the last President before the Institute got the Act 2014. He was in office for about six months. As a result of the Act, the Board of Trustees in Port Harcourt set up a committee in 2014 headed by Dr. Nnamdi Ilodiuba to oversee the transition of the Institute from NISP- NIGERIAN INSTITUTE OF SAFETY PROFESSIONALS to ISPON- INSTITUTE OF SAFETY PROFESSIONALS OF NIGERIA for two years up to 2016. The Committee presented their report at the 2016 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING in Abuja but was asked to fine-tune what was presented.
  • 2017-2021Dr. Nnamdi Ilodiuba FISPN LMISPN

    The first election under the ISPON Act was done in 2017, where Dr. Nnamdi Ilodiuba emerged as the first President of ISPON under the ISPON Act 2014. • Dr. Nnamdi contested for the second time in 2019 and he was elected again as the President. His tenure elapsed in 2021. The ISPON Act 2014 allows someone to contest for President only twice, each for a term of two years. At the 40th Annual General Meeting of ISPON which was done at Nigeria Air Force (NAF) Conference Center in October 2021, Dr. Nnamdi Ilodiuba handed over to Pastor Evaristus Uzamere.
  • 2021-2023Pastor Evaristus Uzamere FISPN

    Immediate Past President