Got questions? See answers below

1What is the programme all about?
The NYSC Professional Development Programme is a scheme designed by Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria to enhance professional development of Nigerian graduates in line with the objectives of Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria Act 2014 and the National Youth Services Corps Decree 1973.
2What will I get from the programme?
You will be trained and certified by the Institute. You will get two certificates (General HSE and HSE Level 3 certificates) at 50% discount from the standard fees.
3When is the training starting?
Contact the ISPON Branch in your state of primary assignment.
4How much is the programme and what is the payment plan?
Serving Corps members can enjoy 50% discount on ISPON training and certification. The actual amount to pay will usually depend on the standard course fee which determines the 50% discount. The fees can be paid in installments. After completing the payment, you can start your training.
5Can someone who is not a corps member participate?
No, it is strictly for serving corps members.
6Can I still participate after my youth service?
No, you can only participate while you are serving. After your service, you will have to pay the normal fees.
7What if I relocate to another state after payment?
You can always join the ISPON training centre in any state nationwide for your training. Just present your evidence of payment and you will be admitted for training.
8How many times can I make the payment?
The payment for your training and certification can be paid up to ten (ten) times during your service. You can also pay once if you are able to do so. But you will be admitted for the training once you complete the payment.