Message from ISPON President

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February 19, 2023
Update on Corporate Membership
December 13, 2023
Election Safety and Security Tips
February 19, 2023
Update on Corporate Membership
December 13, 2023

Message from ISPON President


Delivered to ISPON members, staff and the global partners and the general public after his election at the national headquarters of the Institute, on the 31st day of October, 2023.

The Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria has come a long way, but unlike most other statutory bodies of its age and clime, has, from its very infancy, experienced stormy human induced turbulent existential threats and situations, of measurable but surmountable magnitudes though.
This unfortunate negative trend has inexplicably lingered due to obvious leadership ineptitude, deficiency of willpower and the lack in sincerity of purpose towards achieving ISPON'S statutory mandates, in line with its established objectives, powers and functions; under the Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria Act 2014, Act No 2.
My administration is blessed with a team very poised to sacrifice and deliver purpose-driven service.
Interestingly, we have the most uncommon Governing Board Members of all time, mostly endowed with soundmindedness, populated with youthful, energetic and intellectually dynamic multidisciplinary professionals.
For the sake of upcoming young professionals and the doctrine of perpetual succession as enshrined in the ISPON Act 2014; We are determined to continue to defy human induced odds and unprofessional distractions, to maintain focus in our drive towards improved national safety management; through statutory compliance verification, evaluation, monitoring, reporting and enforcement.
I would like to assure all our individual professionals; registered, accredited, consulting and affiliate corporate members; employees, international partners, stakeholders and the general public; that this administration is sincerely committed to: Legally upholding the ideals of ISPON; Working tirelessly to promote the advancement of safety management in Nigeria; Embark on reasonably achieving organisational peace and industrial harmony through collective bargaining devoid of premodial hatefulness and rancourous acrimony based on the inimical antics of divide and rule.
I am assuring all true professionals, peace loving and well meaning members that we all shall, by contrast, see a SALVAGED, SECURE and SAFE ISPON during the LEGAL TENURE of this administration.
By composition and proven capacity, our Governing Board showcases an amalgam of seasoned and experienced professionals in the public and private sectors within industry and the academia; Who have the will to deliver the achievable ISPON of our collective yearnings and dreams.
Our focus shall be on achieving a professionally peaceful and stable Institute even as we keep our eyes on maintaining high profile and standard of good conduct in formal and informal safety practices across the country.
As we continue to steer the affairs of the Institute, we humbly solicite the commitment and support of all and sundry.
We are not oblivious of the enormity of the task ahead of us, particularly in the areas of safety standards, regulation and enforcement. Therefore to achieve success and move the Institute forward, the need for more effective collaboration cannot be overemphasized.
On this note, I am calling on all relevant government agencies and stakeholders in safety management to join hands with the Institute in advancing safety development in Nigeria. More than ever before, ISPON will continue to work on our roadmap to put safety management in Nigeria at par with other reckonable global regulatory organisations.
On behalf of the Governing Board of the Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria, I want to say a big thank you to the Immediate Past President of the Institute, Pastor Evaristus Uzamere FISPN, and members of the outgone Governing Board for their services to the Institute while they held sway. For only by our work shall we be remembered, judged and acknowledged. Especially by the court of public opinion.
Let me use this opportunity to extend the conciliatory olive branch and the beckoning hand of love to all who inadvertently strayed into illegality due to the vicissitudes of time.
A process is already in place to foster possible soft landing, on an individual basis, for reasonable reintegration into our cherished fold of shared values. So that together, we can achieve the ISPON of our dreams.
With all good wishes.

Yours in the Service of Man
Engr. T. C. Iwuagwu FISPN

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